Fairway Alloys Flex


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We designed the FA140 Flex wheel to truly accentuate your golf cart lines, giving you an extremely high-end look in a variety of sizes. Each FA140 Flex gets a thick coat of deep gloss black paint before hitting our CNC machines where we intricately remove just the top few millimeters of material to reveal the brilliant virgin aluminum. We don't stop there. Each wheel is then taken back to the paint booth where a layer of tinted protective sealant is applied. Like nothing else on the market, the Flex wheel style will compliment any golf cart model in any color. Get your hands on a set today!

Recently Viewed

  • ABL-08 Elektra
    Machined Face w/ SS Lip 5 lug

  • S610-Bless
    Chrome 5 lug

  • Hammer - D748
    Chrome 8 lug

  • Podium - D617 - UTV
    Bronze w/ Black Lip 4 lug