MSA Offroad Wheels M20 Kore


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Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Price
M20-04710 MATTE BLACK 14 7 4x110.00 0 $161 Add To Cart
M20-04715 MATTE BLACK 14 7 4x115.00 0 $161 Add To Cart
M20-04737 MATTE BLACK 14 7 4x137.00 0 $161 Add To Cart
M20-04756 MATTE BLACK 14 7 4x156.00 0 $161 Add To Cart
M20-06737 MATTE BLACK 16 7 4x137.00 0 $235 Add To Cart
M20-06756 MATTE BLACK 16 7 4x156.00 0 $235 Add To Cart
M20-14710 MATTE BLACK 14 7 4x110.00 -52 $161 Add To Cart

The M20 Kore incorporates some highlights of our engineering, research, development and design experience.  To start, the M20 Kore come standard in our satin black automotive grade paint, which sheds dirt, mud and debris fast, making clean up a snap.  The M20 Kore is available in a +0mm offset, allowing for better fitment, performance and stance for both ATVs and UTVs.  Not impressed yet?  How about 16??  Yes, the M20 Kore is available in the ever popular 14×7 and also 16×7 which opens the door for a myriad of tire options, tread patterns and ply ratings.  Don't settle, run the best – Run MSA Wheels.

Each Wheel Includes  1 center cap, 2 cap bolts.
Available Wheel Sizes  14×7 | 16x7
Wheel Finish  Satin Black 
Available Bolt Pattern(s)  4×110 (14" only) | 4x115 (14” only) | 4×137 | 4×156
Wheel Offset(s)  +0mm | -52mm (14” in 4x110 only)
Wheel Cap  Satin Black MSA-CAP-F (Bolt-on)
Warranty  Lifetime Structural | One-Year on Finish

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