Nitto Tires Mud Grappler Tire

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Part Number Size SideWall Speed Rating Type Load Index
201040 lt305/70r16/10 black wall p l 0 Add To Cart
201050 lt315/75r16/10 black wall p l 0 Add To Cart
201060 lt385/70r16/8 black wall q l 130 Add To Cart
200600 37x13.50r17/10 black wall p 131 Add To Cart
200720 40x15.50r20/8 black wall q 130 Add To Cart
200500 38x15.50r18/8 black wall q 128 Add To Cart
200630 38x15.50r15/6 black wall p 123 Add To Cart
200510 38x15.50r20/8 black wall q 125 Add To Cart
200760 33x12.50r17/10 black wall q 120 Add To Cart
200520 40x15.50r22/8 black wall q 127 Add To Cart
200650 33x13.50r15/6 black wall q 109 Add To Cart
200770 40x13.50r17/8 black wall q 131 Add To Cart
200530 37x13.50r22/10 black wall q 123 Add To Cart
200540 37x13.50r20/10 black wall q 127 Add To Cart
200660 37x13.50r18/8 black wall p 124 Add To Cart
200670 35x12.50r17/10 black wall p 125 Add To Cart
200550 35x12.50r18/10 black wall q 123 Add To Cart
200680 33x12.50r20/10 black wall q 114 Add To Cart
200570 35x12.50r20/10 black wall q 121 Add To Cart
200690 33x12.50r18/10 black wall q 118 Add To Cart
200580 35x14.50r15/6 black wall q 116 Add To Cart

• The Mud Grappler® Extreme Terrain provides off-road traction over various terrain, whether it’s dirt, rocks or mud. The massive side-lugs and 3-ply polyester sidewall construction add more protection to help prevent sidewall punctures when facing the most challenging off-road obstacles. The Mud Grappler® Extreme Terrain tire can handle anything you throw at it.

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