Fairway Alloys Shift


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Part Number Finish Diameter Width Bolt Offset Price
FA-141-M MACHINED GLOSS BLACK 10 7 4x101.60 -25 $91 Add To Cart
FA-142-M MACHINED GLOSS BLACK 12 6 4x101.60 -30 $103 Add To Cart

We designed the FA141 Shift as an entirely new option for our golf car customers. We took some pages from some successful styles in our ATV wheel line, MSA Wheels, and brought a new finish option to Fairway Alloys with our new Shift wheel style. The Shift has a full faced machined finish, accentuating the deep gloss black paint with incredible raw aluminum highlights. Each wheel starts out as pure virgin aluminum before entering our mold department where the aluminum is slowly brought to room temperature. Our team of CNC professionals go to work and fine tune each corner and angle before our paint booth lays down a thick coat of automotive grade gloss black paint. The final step is back in the CNC department where we remove the very top 2 millimeters of paint on the face of the wheel. Each wheel is backed by a full lifetime structural warranty (you bent it, break it or crack it, we replace it) and a one-year finish warranty. The Shift is available in two sizes, 10″ and 12″ for all lifted and standard golf car makes and models.

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